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by iJoy

Sleeping Mask Headset


Comfort is the main focus of the new bluetooth stereo sound sleep mask. You can have much more pleasant meditation and uninterrupted sleep.

  • Problem Solution Sleeper - Ergonomic Design Blocks 100% of light to create absolute darkness zone and listen to music without using additional headphones for you to sleep well and avoid insomnia. Suitable for home, office, air travel, business, relaxation, mediation or any way you want to use it.
  • Wireless Audio - With upgraded Bluetooth technology, stable connectivity and smooth transmission in high speed and long distance with low power consumption for a great stereo sound experience. Built-in adjustable high-quality speaker and microphone for hands-free and clear calls.
  • Washable - The sleep mask can be washable, you can take out the moudle and bluetooth wires. It is recommended to wash the mask by hand with warm water.
    Soft and Great for Side Sleeping - Designed with breathable material and comfortable feel, breathable slow tow memory sponge and soft fabric let you release facial stress and help you sleep fast. The Bluetooth controller positioned in the middle is perfect for side sleepers.
  • Long Battery - Premium built-in high-performance battery that charges in about 2-2h30 and gives you 10+ hours of playtime so you don't wake up at night and can sleep soundly all night.